Container Bar Austin Texas

Shipping Container Bar Opens in Austin, Texas

7 recycled shipping containers used to create trendy ‘Container Bar’. Austin, Texas is well known for its young and hip residents so if there was ever a place to build an 8000 sq. ft. bar made from brightly painted shipping containers, it’s got to be here.   Bridget Dunlap was working on the Container Bar […]

luxury container home made from shipping containers

London’s record high rental prices bring shipping container homes into spotlight

Could homes made from shipping containers provide a real solution to London’s housing crisis? The UK is growing rapidly in population and the capital is facing the greatest challenge. According to a recent mayor’s report there will be more than 11 million people living in the city by 2050 which raises tough questions about housing […]

Eco-friendly shipping container homes

Eco-friendly shipping container home challenge

Is it possible to build a home using only recycled materials and save a bunch of money as well as helping the planet? Eco-friendly shipping container homes have been created before but they’re not always built with re-used materials. Tony Hurd grew up around shipping containers in his native San Francisco and probably never thought he would […]

Shipping container home tour

Take a peek inside this stylish shipping container home – you’ll love it.

Can comfortable, upscale living and old shipping containers really go together? One Kansas woman’s container home creation is turning heads. By day Debbie Glassberg designs children’s toys, but recently she took on the extra challenge of converting 5 shipping containers into a 2,000+ sq ft. dream house. The home features: Spacious downstairs living area Galley kitchen […]

Shipping container home eco-friendly design

Learn how this shipping container home design means you NEVER have to pay utility bills again

How does the idea sound of living in a cute shipping container home with beautiful surroundings and no utility bills? Ever! 2 men from Seattle made it happen. Key ‘Studio 320’ shipping container home facts 320 sq ft shipping container retreat home built using 2 second hand containers Rain water collected from roof which supplies […]

Shipping container restaurant watford market

New Watford Market built from shipping containers – watch how it was created.

42 shipping containers transform historic Watford Market into modern architectural landmark. Watford Market shipping container architecture revised short Embed this video on your blog or website. New Watford Market – the story of how it was built. Adaptainer were contacted by Watford Borough Council earlier this year about their plans for a new Watford Market […]

how to open and close a shipping container door

How to open and close a shipping container door

Opening and closing a shipping container door is easy when you know how. Watch this 60 second video demo. If it’s your first time hiring or buying a shipping container you might be wondering how to open and close the doors. It’s very straightforward and we made this video to show you how. Video showing how […]

cheap shipping containers for sale

Why I would never buy a used container at auction

Getting a cheap shipping container needn’t mean compromising on quality Buying a used shipping container is all about getting the cheapest price possible, right? It really depends on what you want for your money, if peace of mind is important to you I would argue that price and quality of container are both very important […]