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Lack of storage space?

These watertight shipping containers are ideal for dry storage and can be quickly delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

It’s an easy and convenient way to get the extra storage space you need on your own property.

We stock a wide range of storage container sizes for both sale and hire.

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FREE gift: An ultra-bright magnetic COB light for your storage container

You’ll never have to struggle finding something inside your storage container with this powerful light. Just attach it to the wall and you’ll instantly have a well-lit container at any time of the day.

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What makes steel shipping containers the ideal storage solution?

Shipping containers are recognised as an effective storage solution.

Being secure, portable and customisable they are an ideal way to solve a lack of space problem.

The security and flexibility provided by steel storage containers means that whatever your storage requirements are we can help you find the right solution – even if that means customisation of a standard shipping container for special storage requirements.

Multiple container storage options: Which one is right for you?

Since shipping containers can be customised in so many ways the list of possible use cases for container storage is vast.

The flexibility, mobility and cost advantages of shipping container storage compared to alternative options mean that we have supplied units for a wide variety of uses, such as:

  • Data centres
  • Site storage
  • Refrigerated container storage
  • Document storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Self-storage sites
  • Portable storage containers
  • Office accommodation

Shipping container storage units are available from 10′ through to 45′ with a variety of configuration options such as cowls, padlocks, open side, open top, drop sided, refrigerated and office accommodation modifications.

Containers are normally loaded with cargo when on trucks, as a result the door handles are usually located lower down, however we can custom build to suit ground based operations since waist high locking gear reduces back strain when opening the doors.

Customisation of containers for your special requirements is a speciality of ours. Once we have an understanding of your container storage requirements we will be able to help you identify the ideal solution.

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Protecting your property with storage containers

We can provide you with consultation on a variety of security aspects including whether a site is exposed to a high risk of theft or vandalism:

Drawing from a vast experience of working with our customers in all types of circumstance we can offer a comprehensive range of deterrents against vandalism or theft. Adaptainer usually recommend the use of high security lock boxes to inhibit opportunistic theft by the shielding of your padlocks.

Depending on the goods you intend to store we can also supply you with a range of additional extras such as moisture absorbing poles, thermo lining panels or blankets to minimise condensation and thereby protect your property.

Let us guide you to the very best storage container solutions in the market. Ask us for more information about container storage today.

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