Could you spot the difference between 2 almost identical looking containers? (And why it matters).

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So you want to buy a new shipping container at the lowest price possible.

But did you know that some shipping containers are built to a lower specification than others?

Learn why a lower specification new container might not be worth what you think.

Yes, we’re ultra competitive on price (please do put us to the test by getting a quote).

But let’s go beyond that and discover how our premium new containers help get you great value too.

New container feature icon tickEXTRA steel means a longer lifespan for your container (and less chance of problems with the doors).

Take the Adaptainer new 20ft container for example, it’s built to an impressive corten steel tare weight of 2,185 kg.

So how does this extra corten steel help you?

First, you can expect your container to last longer. (The thicker the steel, the longer it takes for corrosion to cause damage to your box).

Alsothere’s less chance of you having problems closing the doors because our full weight specification means the end frame is very sturdy.

Unfortunately not everyone is manufacturing containers to this standard, so it’s worth checking what you’re buying.

Next step: Compare the tare weights of the containers you’re thinking of purchasing.

Doing this will help you identify anyone offering a low specification container, and the potential problems that come with it.


You’ll get these great new container features from Adaptainer too.

New container feature icon tickVents front and rear reduce possibility of condensation. (Even when your container is against a wall or other containers).

The problem with having vents on the side of a container is that when they are placed next to each other, or against a wall, the airflow is blocked.

This reduces the ability of the vents to help reduce possible condensation.

So we came up with the idea of placing vents on the end walls of the container.

Now your container has airflow, even when the side walls are blocked off.

New container feature icon tickLock box to help keep your things safe.

You will of course be using a padlock to secure your container doors, but the lock box adds another layer of protection.

A lock box is simply a steel box welded to the container door which helps protect your padlock from anyone trying to break it.

Your new container price includes this extra feature, at no extra cost to you.

New container feature icon tickWaist high locking gear makes accessing your container easy.

Shipping containers are usually manufactured with locking gear at the bottom of the unit (so that port staff can unlock the container doors while on the back of a truck).

We made life easier for you though by designing our containers with waist height locking gear.

Now accessing your container is more convenient and easier on your back.

New container feature icon tickAnd there’s even more features that give you unbeatable value.

Before you buy a new shipping container get a quote from us and request more information. You’ll be glad you did.

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