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Shipping container homes on tweets on twitter

Don’t miss these top container home tweets.

Everyday Twitter is buzzing with images of shipping container homes – but there are some popular tweets you shouldn’t miss seeing.

To save you hours of trawling through Twitter we found the 5 most shared container home picture tweets EVER and put them into this handy list.

5) Container living in a traditional building space

If you wanted to find a way to create a separate guest sleeping area and office within a large room you’d be forgiven for not thinking of using shipping containers straight away.

Art lovers Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan from San Francisco came up with the idea, and as you can see it certainly makes a statement.

We love it.


4) $40k goes a long way in Costa Rica

How does the idea of living in your own home MORTGAGE FREE sound?

That’s what Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta from Costa Rica managed to achieve with this shipping container home.

They were able to keep the build cost down to a reported $40k despite the residence looking like something out of a design magazine.


3) Weekend getaway retreat made from shipping containers

Forget camping, this modern retreat has 3 bedrooms and provides a standard of luxury living you probably wouldn’t expect in a forest.

Jetson Green reported the owners spent around $600k building it.

They add this represents an approximate $50.00 per sq. ft. saving compared to prefab home construction alternatives.


P.S. If you’re going to build a container home of your own and want high ceilings then consider using high-cube containers.

You can see high-cube’s were used in the weekend retreat design and give an extra foot in ceiling height (9’6 instead of 8’6).

2) Learning more about how much it costs to build a container home

There are some hard money facts in the article behind this next tweet you might find very useful.

The $184k cost is broken down into a table and based on using US suppliers to create a 2000 sq. ft. home out of six shipping containers – land, delivery and extra labour costs not included.

That sounds like a good deal compared to regular home building costs, but in case you’re on a really tight budget check out how this lady built a container home for $4k (watch video at bottom of page).


1) Shipping container guest house

We have a winner…

This container guest house in San Antonio, Texas wins the prize of most retweeted container pic.

It was created by Poteet Architects for an artist client of theirs and features an open plan design.


The house was insulated using spray foam and bamboo plywood.

What’s really cool about this conversion is that the roof garden helps to insulate the container too.


I’m not saying there aren’t better container home pics on the web, but I think you’ll agree that these projects deserve their place somewhere in the ‘hall of fame’.

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