Refrigerated containers for sale – 20ft and 40ft reefers

Find great value new and used refrigerated containers for sale at our nationwide UK depots.

We make uncovering 20ft or 40ft refrigerated containers for sale and hire in the UK easy for you. Discover our premium new and used reefer container stock.

20ft refrigerated containers for sale

Your reefer machinery is quality tested before delivery to you.

20ft and 40ft Refrigerated container / reefer buyer’s guide

Buying a second hand refrigerated container, also known as a reefer,  is often the most popular and economical choice if you’re looking for good value temperature controlled storage.

But how do you minimize the risk of buying a used unit with defective machinery?

Our PTI tested second hand refrigerated containers for sale mean you can buy used reefers with confidence, and stay within your budget.

And because we offer nationwide UK delivery you can start enjoying the advantages offered by refrigerated storage right now.

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Feature icon tickPTI testing ensures that all the refrigeration machinery is fully working on delivery to you.

The buying assurance you get from purchasing a used PTI tested reefer means that all that’s left for you to think about is what temperature to set inside of the container once it arrives at your site (usually between -25 to +25 degrees but varies from each container).

  • Great value prices – Let us know you’re delivery postcode for a quote.
  • PTI testing assures you that you’re reefer machinery is in full working order before dispatch.

Is a refrigerated container / reefer the right choice for me?

Reefer’s are unique because they allow a controlled temperature environment inside of the container.

You can buy reefers in 40 foot or 20 foot lengths.

Being able to store items inside of a reefer at your chosen temperature of between around -25 to +25 degrees makes them ideal for both chilled and warm storage.

40ft reefers for sale

Reefers are guaranteed to be delivered 100% wind and watertight.


Refrigerted containers for sale 40ft and 20ft reefers

Fast delivery. Tell us your postcode for an online quote.


We also stock non-operational reefers for sale, which means the refrigeration machinery has been removed.

The opening where the machinery was once in place can be sealed, allowing you to benefit from the insulation properties of the container,

Alternatively new refrigeration machinery could be added by Adaptainer or yourself independently.

Our customers have used reefers in a wide range of ways. Learn how Adaptainer helped a start-up micro brewery business with a reefer container conversion.

  • Temperature controlled between around -25 and + 25 degrees, depending on the container purchased.
  • Choose between a 20ft or 40ft reefer. Need a custom size? contact us
  • Non-operational reefers also stocked (machinery has been removed)

Why choose Adaptainer?

Feature icon tickGreat value prices

Supplying you with a refrigerated container at a great value price without compromising on the quality of our product is why we’ve  sold more than 50,000 containers to customers over the past 25 years.

We’d like you to put us to the test too.

Feature icon tickQuality testing

When you buy a container from Adaptainer you can be sure it has been tested and inspected before it’s delivered to your site, That peace of mind means you can focus on the things that matter most to you and you’re business.

Feature icon tickAverage customer rating of 4.8 stars

Check our latest customer reviews, you’re in very safe hands.

Feature icon tickFast delivery

Our nationwide coverage means you can quickly start enjoying your refrigerated reefer container purchase.

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