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Tunnel Container. More flexible use with double doors at both ends

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Having doors at one end of a shipping container is standard – but how about doors at both ends?

Introducing the tunnel container, also known as double end door container or tunnel-tainer.

The doors at both ends feature unlocks a range of new possibilities for storage users in particular.

You can buy or rent both 20ft and 40ft sizes with our price match guarantee.

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2 real advantages of tunnel containers for storage users


Stock rotation and easier access to your stored items

Imagine the inconvenience of needing to access stored items buried at one end of a fully loaded container.

Now with doors at both ends retrieving your items is made much easier.

Whether you need easier access to your container contents or more streamlined stock rotation, the tunnel container makes it more simple.


Add a partition wall for segregated storage

Need seperated stotage areas?

Instead of buying seperate containers you could benefit from buying a tunnel container with a partition wall added.

You’ll then have two self-contained spaces inside the container which each have their own double door entrance.

This could result in cost savings for you compared to purchasing smaller individual containers.

Savings examples:

  • 1 x 20ft tunnel container with a partition wall costs less than 2 x 10ft standard containers
  • 1 x 40ft tunnel container with partition wall costs less than 2 x 20ft standard new containers

More uses of a tunnel container…

Art exhibition

‘The Journey’ is an art installation that was designed to highlight the gritty story of human trafficking and was commissioned by actress Emma Thompson and the Sam Roddick Foundation.

Created using 7 tunnel containers supplied by Adaptainer the exhibition drew large crowds.

Visitors are given a harrowing visual and sensory experience of the tragedy behind human trafficking while walking through each of the containers.

After being unveiled in London’s Trafalgar Square the exhibition was later shipped and re-assembled for showings in Vienna, New York, Madrid and The Hague

Dr Who exhibition road show uses Adaptainer tunnel containers

The Crash of the Elysium theatrical experience was created by production company Punchdrunk and based on the popular Dr Who television show.

By using tunnel containers not only was it possible to achieve this but the containers were easily transportable to the next road show location with set props and tents stored inside.

Plant machinery housing using tunnel containers

When it comes to plant machinery many businesses want it to be easily accessible and transportable.

Shipping containers, including double end door containers, is a popular way to achieve this.

Recognised as being an industry standard way of housing and transporting plant machinery shipping containers, including double end door units offer a number of advantages.

  • Save money – Transport your equipment economically
  • Save time – Have your equipment arrive on site fully commissioned
  • Durable and secure – Made from corten steel

We have helped businesses adapt tunnel containers for generator housing, boiler rooms, water treatment plants and much more.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Depending on the type of plant machinery to be stored you may wish to have us modify the container to your specification.

After conversion the CSC plate which permits international shipment of your container may become expired. Adaptainer provide a CSC plate renewal service so that your unit can be shipped without restriction.

  • We can customise your plant machinery housing
  • CSC plate renewal service available after conversion to allow international shipment of your container

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