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argest shipping container lines

World’s 11 Largest Shipping Lines Revealed

“How can I arrange overseas shipping of my container?” That’s a common question I hear from customers buying a container from us. There will certainly be a freight forwarding agent in your local area who can help with this. Google is going to be your friend here. But what if you wanted to take a deeper […]

GRP - FRP shipping containers

Rare images of old GRP / FRP shipping containers.

These GRP / FRP container images will take you back in time.   If you’re a container history buff you might remember GRP / FRP containers from long ago. In case you’re wondering what an earth I’m talking about, here’s a quick intro to these old used shipping containers. In the early days of containerisation many […]

Freight Containers Felixstowe Port

Even Freight Containers Love to Party – Adaptainer Boxes Attend Opening of New Felixstowe Rail Terminal

Felixstowe port has just celebrated the opening of a brand new state of the art third rail terminal for freight containers. The launch was made amidst a theme celebrating Britain’s Industrial heritage combined with it’s latest up the minute infrastructure that has evolved as a consequence. Adaptainer owned freight containers were invited to the ceremony to support the important […]

Se Shipping Container Infographic

Sea Shipping Container Vessels Get Greener

The port of Rotterdam welcomed the newest cargo container vessel built by global shipping giant Evergreen this month. The sea container ship named Ever Lambent is part of the Far East to Europe fleet owned by Evergreen Marine. Ever Lambent is the first in a series of sea shipping container vessels commissioned to be built […]

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