Shipping container doors for sale

shipping container doors for sale

Choose from a whole range of doors for shipping containers.


Discover quality shipping container doors for sale – plus optional fitting at affordable prices.

Do you want to do more with your container? Buying specialist doors for shipping containers means you can.

Double doors are located at one end of your box as standard, but getting extra access points is possible in various ways including:

  • High security personnel access doors
  • Lightweight double doors
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Fire escape doors
  • Glass sliding doors

High security personnel door – Also available as a double door.

Rather than having to open and close the more industrial looking cargo container doors (fitted as standard) imagine easily accessing your unit through a traditional key locked door.

Introducing the high security personnel door, allowing you to step in and out of your container with complete ease.

buyers specification for shipping container personnel door

Specifications may vary depending on manufacturer


Features include:

  • 10 point locking system for added security
  • 12 point locking system – Double doors
  • 5 pin anti-drill Euro profile cylinder
  • Robust stainless steel lever handles
  • Stainless steel “anti-knockout” hinges
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Weatherproof locking bolt grommett
  • Weatherproof rubber seal system
Personnel doors for shipping container

Flexible access: Personnel doors fitted to shipping container at both ends.


shipping container door for sale

Buy and fit yourself or we can do the work for you at affordable prices.


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Choosing your door configuration.

High security doors can be ordered to open either outwards or inwards depending on your preference. You can even choose if you want the door fitted to open from the right or left side. Just let us know your preference.

shipping container door sales

Push paddle option for a quick & easy exit from your container

Standard double doors (original cargo door or lightweight steel)

Having doors at one end of your shipping container might not provide enough access for your needs.

In this case you could easily fix the problem by buying a purpose built double end door container (doors at both ends). Or if you would prefer, doors could be added to the container side.

The container sidewall can be fitted with either lightweight steel or original cargo doors – which provide an opening of aproximately 7ft 10”.

double doors for shipping containers

Original cargo doors removed from end & fitted to side wall.



  • Original cargo door or lightweight steel construction
  • Can be fitted with a lockbox for added security
  • Approximate width: 7ft 10”

Before you choose this option there is another type of door you may wish to consider, the roller shutter.

Roller Shutter Doors.

When you think about how you want to use your container, does the roller shutter door look potentially appealing?

You can choose to buy roller shutter doors made from either fibre glass, metal or UPVC material. The least expensive option is UPVC and has the advantage of not needing much maintenance effort from you.

Forklift loading/unloading this stacked container was made easier with a roller shutter door fitted.

Roller shutter door made upper level forklift access easier for this customer.



  • Light
  • Durable
  • Can be useful for loading/unloading stacked shipping containers, particularly where opening and closing traditional double doors might be cumbersome
  • Choose from UPVC, metal or fibre glass

The slats that make up the roller shutter doors are not entirely watertight of course, so you may see a little water ingress in heavy rain.

Despite this roller shutter doors are a popular choice and offer some distinct advantages over other door types in certain use cases.

Sliding Glass Doors (Patio Doors).

Adding a sliding glass door to your shipping container not only look’s stylish but has practical uses too.

As you stand inside the container there’s a feeling of space created, and because natural light is able to flow through you’re less reliant on electric lighting.

doors for shipping containers

Glass sliding doors: Light flows through and you have a feeling of space.



  • Natural light flows though
  • Feeling of larger space created
  • Potential savings on electricity
  • Easy access plus wide opening for loading/unloading

Door within a door (Get personnel & cargo loading access at the same time).

If you want to be able to load items though the main cargo doors but also have convenient and easy personnel access, consider the door within a door option.


shipping container door for sale

Can I also buy the container door and fit myself?

Absolutely, we can supply your shipping container door for sale only – if that’s your preference.

Don’t worry if you’d rather not fit yourself, our container conversion team can make the whole process easy and hassle free by fitting your door for you – at an affordable price.

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