CISA 285/66 Container Padlock

The high-security container padlock

You might be wondering how to help protect the property inside your container. Introducing the CISA 285/66 container padlock.

The CISA 285/66 shackle padlock goes further than other padlocks

Made from hardened steel, the CISA 285/66 container padlock offers a number of advantages over other padlocks, including:

  • Hardened steel
  • 5 pin locking mechanism
  • Protective keyway

Each CISA container padlock is also supplied with 2 sturdy keys so you have a backup if needed.


Get extra security with a lockbox for your padlock

The CISA padlock is robust but what if a determined person was trying to break-in, what other security measures could you take?

Introducing the container lockbox.

A lockbox lets you add another layer of protection against intruders. 

How the lockbox works

Essentially the lockbox helps protect your padlock by housing it inside a steel box securely welded to the container.

The idea behind the lockbox is that it makes it more difficult for any would be thieves to gain access your lock, with an angle grinder for example. 

By combining both the CISA shackle 285/66 padlock and lockbox you’ll now have 2 layers of security for your container.

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