Container Padlock – CISA 285/66

Discover 2 ways to help protect property inside your storage container.

If you are keeping anything of any value inside a storage container you may be wondering how to help protect your property, introducing the CISA 285/66 container padlock.

storage container padlock

CISA 285/66 provides added security to storage containers


The CISA 285/66 shackle padlock has some advantages for you

Made from hardened steel, the CISA 285/66 container padlock offers a number of advantages over some other padlocks on the market including:

  • Hardened steel
  • 5 pin locking mechanism
  • Protective keyway

Each container padlock is supplied with 2 sturdy keys so you have a backup copy if needed.

The ultimate companion to a CISA padlock

Although the CISA padlock is robust, what if someone very determined was trying to break into your padlock – is there another layer of protection that you could add?

Fortunately there is, and it’s the container lockbox.

Container lockbox

Essentially the lockbox helps protect your padlock by housing it inside a steel box which is securely welded to the container.

Container padlock cover lockbox

Container padlock cover, known as a lockbox


The idea behind the lockbox is that it makes it more difficult for any would be thieves to gain access your lock with an angle grinder for example. You can read more about the lockbox here.

By combining both the CISA shackle 285/66 padlock and lockbox you have added 2 layers of security to your container – which will help protect what you’re storing inside.

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3 reasons why you will love using shipping containers for storage

Shipping containers are an extremely popular choice for storage, but why?

1) Durability of steel

Containers are made from durable corten steel so are designed to endure tough conditions at sea. With minimal maintenance the average container has a long lifespan.

2) Low cost of buying shipping containers vs. other alternatives

Compared to the sq. foot cost of a traditional building or even non traditional structures (such as a wooden shed) containers are great value for money. Check prices here.

3) Easily move your container

If you want to move your stored goods to another location or no longer need the extra storage space it’s as simple as lifting the container up and transporting it. Easy.

You can get shipping containers for storage from us in 2 ways:

Buying new or used

We make buying a container affordable for you by offering a range of quality new and used containers to choose from. All are priced very competitively but if your budget is stretched then take a look at our quality second hand containers or maybe consider hiring instead?

Hiring short or long-term.

Short and long term storage container hire is available to you across the UK because we have depots spread out across the country. This means getting a container that is closer to you is easier so you get faster delivery and lower transport costs.

How could modifying your container optimise storage use for you – or your self-store customers?

Maybe you have seen some of the creative uses applied to converted shipping containers. If buying a shipping container then we can modify or convert it in almost any way.

If you intend to use for storage then maybe you want an extra loading side door added or partition wall – to divide space within the container. Other popular modifications include adding shelving or lights for example. We can help you with all this, and more.

Modify the container for even more security of your property

Although an extreme add-on, and not normally required, you could go one stage further in terms of security and ask us to install CCTV inside of the container unit.

However, most customers feel their security is at a level they are comfortable with by using a combination of the CISA 285/66 padlock and lockbox.

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