Shipping container repainting

Using protective marine grade paint

Get your container repainted in the colour you want the easy way

Want a shipping container to match your corporate colour?

Or maybe you’re buying second-hand containers on a budget and want to improve appearance and increase corrosion protection.

Whatever the reason, our repainting service takes care of the hard work for you.

Download a free container paint RAL colour chart 

Longer lasting containers with an anti-corrosion paint formula

How it works:

Both external and internal repainting options are available to you.

Once you’ve chosen your colour the container will be prepared for repainting.

The first step is mechanical cleaning, after this we’ll then move your container to our repainting bay.

The paint system used is specially formulated for use on shipping containers and contains anti-corrosion properties.

This means you can expect it to look good and be more durable versus other types of paints.

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