Shipping container shelving for sale (container racking)

Shelving for shipping containers racking

Get the exact shelving set-up you need with our bespoke container racking options.

Shipping container shelving system for sale

Buy a shipping container shelving system that maximises your container store.

Are you looking for shipping container shelving for sale? You can purchase new or used container racking systems right here.

Adding racking / shelving is an excellent way to get more out of your storage container.

Whether your preference is to buy wooden or metal container shelving we can help you get it supplied and installed inside of your container, in one easy step.

Shipping container shelving is ideal for:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Document archive storage
  • Businesses and people who want extra storage space and convenience
Shipping container shelving for sale

Prices are affordable and based on your specification.

Request bespoke shelving price

Container racking: Get more space and easily find what you need.

No more frustrating moments of trying to find something in your container.

By adding a combination of racking bay shelves you can move your items off the floor and into organised compartments.

It’s that simple.

And because we also offer adjustable and bespoke racking you can get shelving at just the right height and width for your stored items. Ask for more details.

Add lighting for extra convenience.

The inside of a container can sometimes be dimly lit, especially at the front unless you have windows or extra doors fitted.

That’s why you might choose to have lighting installed, making everything easy to find on your container shelf, even at night time.

Customise your container for industrial grade storage access

Your container has 8ft wide double doors which are typically 8’6 high (high cube’s provide 9’6 height) but you might want extra access points on your container, for example side doors for loading and unloading pallets.

Side doot container shelf access

More accessories. Extra side door is ideal for loading and unloading pallets.


Adaptainer’s wide range of container conversion services mean you can achieve this and much more.

Maximise the potential of your storage container with:

  • Container shelf / Shipping container racking
  • Lighting
  • Condensation reduction solutions
  • Windows
  • Doors including roller shutter
  • Stacking pins
  • Stairs
  • Temperature controlled storage

Learn more about our latest accessories including shipping container shelving systems for sale by getting in touch online, or call 01473 281818.


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