Shipping container dimensions.

Easily find ISO shipping container dimensions.

Learn about shipping container dimensions for 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft size units (including high cube containers). 

Standard 8ft, 10ft, 20ft & 40ft dimensions.

Type8ft Standard10ft Standard20ft Standard40ft Standard
External Length8ft9ft 10½"19ft 10½"40ft
External Width7ft 2"8ft8ft8ft
External Height8ft 6"8ft 6"8ft 6"8ft 6"
Internal Length7ft 4"9ft 4"19ft 4"39ft 4"
Internal Width6ft 11"7ft 8"7ft 8"7ft 8"
Internal Height6ft 9"7ft 10"7ft 10"7ft 10"
Door Opening Width6ft 8"7ft 8"7ft 8"7ft 8"
Door Opening Height6ft 4"7ft 5"7ft 5"7ft 5"
Internal Cubic CapacityAsk for detailsAsk for details1,170 cu feet2,386 cu feet
Tare WeightAsk for detailsAsk for details2,060 kg3,510 kg
Net Load WeightAsk for detailsAsk for details28,420 kg26,970 kg
Maximum Gross WeightAsk for detailsAsk for details30,480 kg30,480 kg
Floor Space58 ft²72 ft²150 sq ft305 sq ft
*Exact measurements may vary depending on the manufacturer.

High Cube 20ft, 40ft & 45ft dimensions.

Type20ft High Cube Container40ft High Cube Container45ft High Cube Container
External Length19ft 10½"40ft45ft
External Width8ft8ft8ft
External Height9ft 6"9ft 6"9ft 6"
Internal Length19ft 4"39ft 4"44ft 4"
Internal Width7ft 8"7ft 8"7ft 8"
Internal Height8ft 10"8ft 10"8ft 10"
Door Opening Width7ft 8"7ft 8"7ft 8"
Door Opening Height8ft 5"8ft 5"8ft 5"
Cubic Capacity1305 cu feet2690 cu feet3040 cu feet
Tare Weight2,060 kg3,690 kg4870 kg
Net Load Weight28,420 kg26,790 kg27,605 kg
Maximum Gross Weight30,480 kg30,480 kg32,475 kg
Floor Area150 sq ft305 sq ft343 sq ft
*Exact measurements may vary depending on the manufacturer.

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Shipping containers are manufactured to a recognized standard and specification so that the boxes can be stacked together for maximum space efficiency.

The standardization of shipping container dimensions mean that each unit can be used in multiple intermodal freight transport modes including ships, trains and road vehicles without the need to access the cargo load whilst in transit.

Glossary of container dimension terms.

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High cube.

In terms of length and width this type of box is identical to general purpose units. The key difference in dimension is a 1 ft height increase compared to standard boxes which means a greater cubic capacity is provided.

Tare weight.

Weight of the container whilst empty.

Net load weight.

Weight of the actual cargo inside the container.

Maximum gross weight.

Combined maximum weight of both the tare weight and net load weight.


Standardization of shipping container manufacture began in the 1950’s and modern day containers are made to meet defined industry wide standards.Each container ISO container has a unique marking which identifies the size and type of box together with other details such as the owner, country code and operational markings.

Dry van.

Abbreviated to DV, this is the term used to describe standard general purpose containers. Dry van units have doors at one end of the container only. The most common dimensions of dry van boxes purchased for shipping and storage purposes are 20ft and 40ft units.

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