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New containers, sometimes referred to as one trip containers or ex-factory are units that have made a single journey from the country of manufacture and are conveniently available for purchase or hire from our network of depots.

Once shipped to the UK new containers are very often purchased for the purpose of long term storage use, however should you intend the container to be deployed for shipping cargo we can ensure that the unit has the required CSC plates to meet shipping regulations.

FREE gift: An ultra-bright magnetic COB light for your storage container

You’ll never have to struggle finding something inside your storage container with this powerful light. Just attach it to the wall and you’ll instantly have a well-lit container at any time of the day.

Get this container light as a FREE gift with your order. To reserve yours just request a quote today.

Two valuable upgrades are included on our used 10ft containers

There are some advantages vs. standard second-hand units when you buy a used 10ft steel container from Adaptainer.


Repainting included

Your used 10ft container is repainted externally after a cut down from a larger 20ft or 40ft ISO container.

You can request green or blue – or even another colour of your choice.

The marine grade paint enhances cosmetics and helps protect your container from corrosion for longer.



Security lockbox included

Security is boosted with the inclusion of a lockbox (on both new and used 10ft options).

What is a lockbox?

This added feature is a powerful protector of your padlock. It works by helping protect your padlock from anyone trying to break in.. Now your stored contents will have an extra layer of defence against intruders.


Second-hand 10ft storage container features


Repainting Included

Repainting in your choice of dark colour after cut down from a standard container

Boosted Security

Free security lockbox (£50.00 value)

Ply Hardwood Floor

28mm ply hardwood floor

Low cost and fast delivery

9 nationwide UK depots

Safe Purchase

12-month extended watertight warranty on used 10ft storage containers

The premium but affordable new 10ft container option

New 10ft containers are an ideal solution for people wanting even longer lasting units which fit into a small space. Built from sturdy corten steel they provide a good level of security for your stored items.

Invest in a new 10ft container and get even more

Front Air Vents

Reduces the risk of condensation

Easy Clean Floor Coating

Wash away more stains and keep your container looking better thanks to our special floor coating

Protective Paint System

Thicker paint coating helps protect your container from corrosion for longer

"Easier on the back" door operation

Waist height locking bars makes opening and closing the doors more convenient

Boosted Security

Lockbox included (£50.00 value)

5-year extended warranty

You’ll get a full 5-year extended watertight warranty on our new containers


10ft container dimensions

The measurements shown in these tabs are approximate internal and external dimensons.

External Length:  9ft 10½” (3 metres)

External width: 8ft (2.43 metres)

External height:  8ft 6″ (2.59 metres)


Internal length: 9ft 4″ (2.85 metres)

Internal width: 7ft 8″ (2.33 metres)

Internal height: 7ft 10″ (2.39 metres)

Floor area: 72 ft² 

Door opening width: 7ft 8″ (2.33 metres)

Door opening height: 7ft 5″ (2.26 metres)

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Want your container modified? No problem

Container Conversions

Get even more from your container with a full range of conversion options:

  • Electric pack including lighting
  • Windows
  • Personnel door
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Grafotherm coating for condensation risk reduction
  • And more

You’ll have an experienced team working on your conversion with decades of experience. From smoking sheds to small portable site office units, there’s almost nothing we haven’t done before.

We can also cut down a 10ft to a smaller size like an 8ft container.

Local containers mean faster and cheaper delivery

Adaptainer have nationwide depots including Essex, London, Felixstowe, Suffolk, Birmingham, Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Coatbridge and more.

This means it’s easier and more affordable to get your containers.

Frequently asked questions

How long does delivery take?

Container delivery is typically within 3-5 working days and it will be arranged for a day that’s convenient for you. We also ask the delivery driver to contact you en-route to your site so you’re kept informed.

Can I ship a 10ft?

The 10ft is not a standard shipping container size so they are not typically shippable on deep sea routes. However certain types of 10ft’s are accepted at smaller ports, for example on boats supplying oil rigs. In this case the container will need to be CSC certified and would require you to purchase one of our new 10ft’s and state before ordering you require certification. Purchase our 20ft ISO container for deep sea shipping routes, or larger.

Can I choose the colour?

Yes, our used 10ft option can be repainted in any dark colour such as green at no additional cost. And new containers can be purchased in green or blue.

Are your used containers good quality and can I see before buying?

All second hand containers for sale are guaranteed as being structurally sound. Most customers choose to distance buy hassle free because we give an extended watertight warranty to verify this promise. However, you’re welcome to make an appointment to visit one of our depots to see stock in person if that’s your preference.

Should I put anything underneath my container?

For the doors to operate properly it’s vital for your container to be on level ground. Placing a railway sleeper at each end or concrete blocks on each corner can help to keep it level especially if you plan to place your storage unit on grass. This also helps to prorect the underside from premature corrosion.

Can I rent instead of buying?

Yes, we supply containers for sale and hire. See the container hire page for more details or request a quote.

Over 100,000 containers supplied

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