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Transport heavier and larger cargo with a flat-rack container

Do you have heavy or oversized cargo which doesn’t fit into a standard ISO shipping container?

A flat-rack container could be the ideal solution. It’s ideal for transporting oversized items like boats, farm vehicles and heavy machinery. 

We offer used flat-rack containers for sale in 20ft and 40ft sizes with a price match guarantee.

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What is a flat-rack container and how will it help me?


Load larger cargo

Standard ISO shipping containers only allow you to load the container from the end, but what if you want to load from the top or sides?

Here is where the flat-rack container really shines.

Depending on the type of flat-rack container you buy it will have either collapsible or fixed walls at each end.

The side opening and potential for collapsible end walls means you have loading flexibility and opportunities to transport items that would not otherwise fit inside a standard ISO shipping container.

Plus, securing your cargo is made easier with lashing rings located on the side rails, corner posts and floor. 



Move oversized cargo

Flatrack containers can be lashed together, creating a larger storage area for cargo such as yachts.

This means that users gain more flexibility for moving unusual loads around the country.

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