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A safe way to buy a 20ft container at a competitive price. That’s our offer to you.

These 20ft shipping containers for sale come with an extended warranty.

You’ll receive 5-years wind and watertight protection for new shipping containers and 12-months for used.

This means you can now buy containers with one less thing to worry about.

Delivery is fast and cost effective too. Our 9 UK depots give you a local service wherever you are.

Get a quote with our price match guarantee now.

Buyers Guide: Choose a 20ft container to match your needs



When it comes to secure storage with a 20ft container we offer 2 options, new and used. Our new containers are designed with the storage user in mind and have special built in features as you’ll discover in a moment.

And for budget minded buyers our used container option gives you a cheap storage solution.

Its size makes it suitable for most sites with storage requirements and gives an approximate internal cubic capacity of 1,170 cu feet.




Not every used 20ft is suitable for cargo shipping use. If you intend to ship cargo internationally you will need your container to be certified for shipping with a valid CSC plate.

Let us know when you request your quote or place your order and we’ll take care of this for you.




If you want quality containers and conversion services combined Adaptainer are a smart choice.

We’ve converted containers for just about everything you can think of.

You’ll benefit from effcient project management and experienced staff who pay attention to the details for a smoother container conversion.

Buy second-hand 20ft containers without uncertainty

All our used containers are structurally sound. This means they are in good quality condition in terms of being watertight.

How can we make this promise?

Our 7-point quality check system takes care of it. An engineer will check your container from top to bottom to make sure it’s completely watertight before dispatch.

And here’s the proof:

We stand by this promise with a FREE extended 12-month watertight warranty on used storage containers. So we’ve got you covered if there are any issues long after we’ve dropped your container off.

Second-hand container features


Double Cargo Doors

Internal container width of approximately 7ft 8″


Ply Hardwood Floor

28mm ply hardwood floor


Security Lockbox (optional)

Free security lockbox (£50.00 value)


12-month watertight warranty

Get 12-months of watertight warranty protection on used containers. And even longer for new build units

Low Cost Nationwide Delivery

Containers stocked at 9 depots across the UK

Upgrade to a new 20ft for a little extra… and get a lot more

Discover why some buyers won’t accept anything less than
an Adaptainer built container

Get 8 extra features when you
invest in a new 20ft shipping container


Condensation Risk Reduction

Multi front and rear air vents allow airflow to pass through even when you place containers next to each other, or against a wall


Extra Contents Protection

Free lockbox for padlock security included (£50.00 value)

Easy Clean 28mm Ply Hardwood Floor

Unique sealing formula keeps your container floor looking its best

"Better on your Back" Doors

Waist height locking bars mean no awkward bending down


Choice of Colour

Choose from blue or green. Repainting option available in other colours for fee

Eco-Friendly Specification

Safer waterborne paint is used during manufacture

Advanced Corrosion Protection

Extra thick corten steel and marine grade paint help your container fight leaks from corrosion damage for longer vs. inferior built containers


5-Year Watertight Warranty

Longer repair coverage against leaks

Is this the best built new shipping container? You be the judge...

You want a shipping container to be secure and durable, especially if safeguarding the property stored inside is important to you.

Our new 20ft shipping containers stand out from inferior containers in two clear ways:

First, each unit is manufactured to a higher standard to help fight off corrosion and go the distance.

We do this by using thicker corten steel and the right amount of protective marine grade paint. This helps defend your container from developing rust leaks – keeping your things dry inside far into the future.

And that’s not all.

You get extra built-in features giving even more self-storage use advantages. These features help you with condensation risk reduction, lock security protection, plus much more.

These containers are not just built to ISO standards, they exceed them.


Standard 20ft container dimensions

The measurements and weights shown in these tabs are approximate.

External Length:  19ft 10½”

External width: 8ft

External height:  8ft 6″


Internal length: 19ft 4″

Internal width: 7ft 8″

Internal height: 7ft 10″

Floor area: 150 sq ft

Door opening width: 7ft 8″

Door opening height: 7ft 5″

Cubic capacity: 1,170 cu feet

Tare weight: 2,185 kg

Net load weight: 28,420 kg

Max gross weight: 30,480 kg

FREE gift: An ultra-bright magnetic COB light for your storage container

You’ll never have to struggle finding something inside your storage container with this powerful light. Just attach it to the wall and you’ll instantly have a well-lit container at any time of the day.

Get this container light as a FREE gift with your order. To reserve yours just request a quote today.

Need another kind of container?

Search our comprehensive stock

Customise your container. Add shelves, windows and more

Container Modifications

With a diverse range of customers we understand your container needs can be unique.

Modifications you might consider are:

  • Lighting

  • Racking/shelving

  • Grafotherm coating

  • Repainting

  • Insulation

  • Stair access

  • Personnel door

  • Double cargo doors

  • Roller shutter side door

  • Windows

Or perhaps you have a more ambitious project in mind. From entire buildings built from containers to single unit pop-up shops, we do it all. 

Discover more in the conversion content pages or consult with our friendly container sales team for a quote now.

3 things we do to make your delivery as smooth as possible

Getting a stress free delivery is probably near the top of your list when it comes to buying a container.

That’s why we have a step-by-step process to take care of that.

Once you’ve purchased your container we will arrange a date for delivery that’s convenient for you. Delivery is usually possible within 3-5 working days and sometimes sooner.

We’ll also send you a delivery questionnaire which helps us get to know your site and be advised of any access restrictions we need to know of.

On the day we also ask the delivery driver to call you en-route so you’re kept well informed.

As you’ll discover, our drivers are friendly and have a “can do” approach to help position your container where you ideally need it.

Frequently asked questions

How long does delivery take?

Delivery is typically within 3-5 working days, sometimes sooner. We’ll agree a convenient date with you.

Can I see the container before I buy?

Absolutely. Our wind and watertight warranty means most buyers save themselves the time but the option is there if you want to visit.

What is a CSC plate?

It’s a steel plate located on one of the doors and displays information about your container. The CSC plate is important if you plan to ship your container overseas as it confirms the container is in seaworthy condition. New containers have a 5-year plate validity from date of manufacture. If you are buying a used container for shipping use let us know in advance so we can have it certified.

How heavy is a 20ft container?

The tare weight depends on the manufacturer. Some are built with thinner steel which is not optimal for corrosion protection amongst other things. Adaptainer specification new containers are built to the recommended minimum tare weight of 2,185kg. This means it’s a full specification ISO container, not a low specification unit.

How does your guarantee work?

We give you an extended wind and watertight warranty of 5-years for new ‘one trip’ containers and 12-months for used. This means should there be any issues with the watertightness of your container during these respective guarantee periods we will send an engineer to carry out a repair or replace your container free of charge should it be required.

How old are your used 20ft containers?

Shipping lines usually retire containers after around 12-14 years. The age of the container is not as important as the structural condition however since some containers could have had more rigorous use than others. All our containers are guaranteed as being structurally sound under our wind and watertight guarantee periods.

Where can I buy a 20ft container?

Right here. We stock containers at 12 depots throughout the UK including, Essex, London, Felixstowe, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Coatbridge. You can purchase by requesting a quote online or calling us.

How much is a 20ft container?

The cost will vary on whether you want a new or used container and your delivery post code (containers located in certain depots cost less due to proximity to ports). Check this page for starting prices or request a online quote now.

What is a one trip shipping container?

One trip shipping containers are newly built shipping that have been shipped once from the factory for repositioning purposes to the UK.

Can I rent?

Yes, we rent them too. See the hire page for more details or request a quote.

Should I put anything underneath the containers?

You may wish to put railway sleepers (one at each end) or concrete blocks (one on each corner) underneath your container. This is especially useful if you’re going to position your container on grass for example as it can help protect the underside from accelerated corrosion and help keep the container level (level ground is important for the doors to operate correctly)

What is a "one trip" or "once used" ISO container?

This is a new container that has been shipped once from the factory for positioning purposes.

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