7 recycled shipping containers used to create trendy ‘Container Bar’.

Austin, Texas is well known for its young and hip residents so if there was ever a place to build an 8000 sq. ft. bar made from brightly painted shipping containers, it’s got to be here.

Container Bar Austin Texas

Image © North Arrow Studio


Bridget Dunlap was working on the Container Bar project for almost 3 years and despite some early building phase challenges, reported in the Austin Business Journal, it’s now open for business.

Container Bar was created using 7 recycled shipping containers, 5 x 20ft’s and 2 x 40ft’s, which are assembled over 2 floors and each room inside has its own eye catching theme.

The bar features a courtyard and upper patio area with rooftop seating, which gives views of the surrounding area.

Shipping container bar conversion Austin

Image © North Arrow Studio


Shipping container bar Austin Texas

Image © North Arrow Studio

Container Bar Austin Texas

Image © North Arrow Studio

Container Bar Austin Texas

Image © North Arrow Studio

Containers are considered by many as the ideal building brick.

Many people are enthused by the idea of building with shipping containers because they’re structurally ideal as a building block.

But there’s also another reason why they’re gaining in popularity  – it’s the idea of recycling something.

You see shipping containers are mostly built in China where they’re loaded up with cargo before being shipped off to countries around the world.

The problem is though, once the containers reach the destination port it’s often uneconomical to reuse the container in shipping due to a lack of exports in the country where the container arrived.

This creates stacks of shipping containers that will potentially sit idly.

So recycling containers for purposes other than shipping makes sense for many reasons, not least their durability and adaptability.

This opportunity hasn’t gone unnoticed by people like Bridget Dunlap of the Container Bar so demand for containers remains strong, and has even led to temporary shortages in the market.

Despite their popularity shipping container prices still remain economical though.

Ultimately if you want to save money compared to more traditional building methods, and feel good about being able to recycle, it might be the perfect construction method.


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Editors note: Thanks to North Arrow Studio for their permission to use the images of the ‘Container Bar’. Adaptainer had no part in the design or build of the Container Bar in Austin, Texas.