Windows for shipping containers

Choose from a range of shipping container windows with installation done for you

Glazing units with anti-vandal steel shutter option to give you more security

When you purchase a container from us you’ll be able to buy these units with either single or double glazing. These windows feature sliding glass panels, a flip catch on each pane and a 945 x 945mm aluminium mill finish frame.

By combining this glazing unit with an anti-vandal shutter you can add a robust level of security to your container.

High quality manufacturing detail for extra shutter security.

The shutter door and frames are made from sturdy galvanised and primed zintec steel, but what makes these shutters so effective in terms of security is the internal construction. 

  • Anti-jemmy flange on shutter door
  • Steel subframe and strengthener in shutter doors
  • Door leaf insulation – Polyurethane foam injection
  • Inner door frame with drainage holes which combats trapped condensation
  • 4mm roundbar steel mesh throughout the shutter doors
  • 3mm deflection plate to protect the fingerbolts
  • Anti-jemmy flange on shutter doors

*Exact specification may vary depending on manufacturer.

Please note: We do not sell this as a standalone item for you to install yourself. We only install on containers that we are supplying.

Want natural light AND easy access to your container? Consider the glazed door option

Combine the advantages of natural light and convenient access with a glazed door.

Ideal for container retail or office conversions and more.

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Boost security with anti-vandal  container window options

Our shipping container window portfolio includes anti-vandal windows to help you keep things safe and secure

The ultimate natural light experience with a glazed window panel

With a glazed window panel you’ll experience both natural light and a sense of open space.

Like the glazed door this panel is ideal for those in the retail business who want to create an inviting store front or restaurant for example.

You just choose the length and height you wish the glazed window panel to be and our professional fitters will take care of the rest.

Combine windows with our other conversion options for the perfect bespoke container

  • Electrics and lighting
  • Partitions
  • Grafotherm anti condensation coating
  • Re-painting
  • Shelving/racking
  • Container stairs
  • And more

Affordable shipping container windows professionally fitted