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In fact, we give you an extended watertight warranty on both new and used options.

You’ll get a free 5-year extended watertight warranty for new containers and 12-months for second-hand.

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We believe you won’t find better value prices for a 40ft shipping container of the same quality.

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XL Vent storage container

How to choose
the right 40ft container

There are a few options to consider.

First, you’ll want to choose either a standard 40ft or a high cube.

What’s the difference? The high cube has an extra foot of height so can be useful for some kinds of shipping, storage and conversion projects.

Next, choose a container that matches one of the following uses:


Purchase CSC plated cargo worthy containers. We supply both new and used options which are certified for international shipping use.

All new containers are suitable for shipping but if you plan to buy used then you’ll need to let us know when you request your quote so we can supply a container with valid CSC plate.



Get more storage benefits for your money. Our new 40ft’s are specially built with the storage user in mind.

These features help prevent condensation, add security and much more as you’ll see.

And if your budget doesn’t stretch to a new container we have structurally sound second-hand options for you too.


Not only can you buy containers for conversion from us but we can do the modifcation work too.

Make things easier and have your conversion work carried out by our team with decades of experience.

Alternatively, we can supply the container only for you to do the modifications yourself.

A safe buy. Over 200,000 containers delivered

Used 40ft containers: 3 reasons why buying from Adaptainer is a popular choice

Quality assurance check

Each used 40ft container is checked over by our engineers to ensure the container is in good  condition structurally, by this we mean fully wind and watertight.

Warranty protection against risk of leaks on storage containers

You’ll receive an extended 12-month watertight warranty on used units. This means if there are any issues after we’ve left we’ll take care of it by arranging a repair of your storage container or replacement if neccesarry.

Now you can buy 40ft second-hand containers with confidence even if you’re on a budget.

Potential for more money back in your pocket

Buying ISO shipping containers from a reputable supplier could help you get a better resale value vs. inferior alternatives.

Request advice from us on steps you can take to help extend the lifespan of your container.

28mm Ply Hardwood Floor

Marine ply hardwood floor

Choose Standard Height or High Cube

Available in standard size or as high with one foot of additional height

CSC Plated Option

Valid CSC plate option available for shipping use. Specify when you request a quote

Extended Warranty

FREE 12-month extended watertight warranty

Secure Lockbox Option

Add a secure lockbox to protect contents for £50 (FREE on new build option)

New 40ft Containers: We’re the ones who build with premature corrosion fighting features

Accept nothing less than an Adaptainer built new container

This heavy duty new ISO container is built to help protect you from the enemy of corrosion.

Our extra thickness corten steel and marine grade paint are your defences against premature corrosion issues. 

And the Adaptainer 5-year extended watertight warranty backs this promise up

We’ve also included a rich set of extra features to our new containers, giving you even more value for money.

For example, we now give you more airflow vents so you’ll have ventilation on the front, rear and sides of the container. This means added protection for you against the chance of condensation.

Also, the strategically placed vents mean even when you place your containers next to each other – or against a wall – your container still continues to receive airflow.

But that’s not all…

... more Adaptainer new container advantages

Waist high locking bars means there’s no more  bending uncomfortably down to open the doors.

You’ll also find the clever inclusion of a sealed ply hardwood floor means spillages are also now easy to clean, keeping your container looking better for longer.

And security is taken care of with a free lockbox to help protect your padlock from intruders.

Every part of this new one trip container was designed to give you maximum value for money and added protection for your contents inside.

You can choose to purchase either a standard 40ft or the high cube shipping container.

The high cube is approximately one foot greater in height than a standard shipping container – making it a popular option for those wanting to maximise capacity.

Get these 8 extra features when you
invest in a new 40ft container

Premature Corrosion Protection

Built with extra thick corten steel and added protective paint

Extra Vents to Fight Chances of Condensation

 More protection against condensation thanks to front, rear and side vents

"Easier on the Back" Door Operation

Waist height locking bars make operating the doors easier

FREE Padlock Guard

Security lockbox included

Choice of Colour

Choose from blue or green. Repainting option available in other colours for fee

Eco-Friendly Specification

Eco-friendly manufacturing with waterborne paint

Easy Clean Floor

Easy clean coated 28mm ply hardwood floor

5-Year Watertight Warranty

Extended warranty protection against leaks


Standard 40ft container dimensions

The measurements and weights shown in these tabs are approximate.

External Length:  39ft 10½”

External width: 8ft

External height:  8ft 6″


Internal length: 39ft 4″

Internal width: 7ft 8″

Internal height: 7ft 10″

Floor area: 305 sq ft

Door opening width: 7ft 8″

Door opening height: 7ft 5″

Cubic capacity: 2,386 cu feet

Tare weight: 3,510 kg

Net load weight: 26,970 kg

Max gross weight: 30,480 kg


40ft high cube dimensions

The measurements and weights shown in these tabs are approximate.

External Length:  39ft 10½”

External width: 8ft

External height:  9ft 6″


Internal length: 39ft 4″

Internal width: 7ft 8″

Internal height: 8ft 10″

Floor area: 305 sq ft

Door opening width: 7ft 8″

Door opening height: 7ft 5″

Cubic capacity: 2690 cu feet

Tare weight: 3,690 kg

Net load weight: 26,790 kg

Max gross weight: 30,480 kg

FREE gift: An ultra-bright magnetic COB light for your storage container

You’ll never have to struggle finding something inside your storage container with this powerful light. Just attach it to the wall and you’ll instantly have a well-lit container at any time of the day.

Get this container light as a FREE gift with your order. To reserve yours just request a quote today.

Need another kind of container?

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When trade buyers need containers, this is where they come

If you’re a frequent container buyer we can supply containers which help your bottom line.

Adaptainer is a preferred choice for trade buyers such as container suppliers and self-store sites.

And our supply plan can be designed to meet your business needs. In fact, there’s even no minumum order quantity required.

Customise your container just the way you want it

Container Conversions

Maybe you want lights, shelving or insulation to enhance it’s use as a storage container. Or perhaps you’d like more ambitious changes.

Our conversion team include some of the most experienced people in the industry which means we’re proud of the attention to detail and quality workmanship we strive to give you when you work with us.

Navigate to the conversion section to view Adaptainer’s wide portfolio of projects including container bars, restaurants and shopping centres.

Some common modifications you might want include:


  • Windows
  • Single personel door access
  • Double doors side access
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Lighting
  • Racking/shelving
  • Electrics
  • Insulation
  • Repainting
  • Stair access
  • Grafotherm anti-condensation coating
  • Apertures

Local depots nationwide makes getting your container easier, faster and cheaper

You can get delivery cost savings and convenience thanks to our 12 strategically located UK container depots.

Depot locations include Essex, London, Felixstowe, Suffolk, Birmingham, Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Coatbridge and more.

And enjoy a less stressful delivery with the offer of a free virtual site survey. Our experienced transport account managers and professional drivers are committed to helping you get a smooth delivery.

Frequently asked questions

What are one trip shipping containers?

These are containers which have been newly built and shipped once from the China factory to the UK.

How long does delivery take?

From receipt of your payment delivery is usually within 3-5 working days although sometimes we can get it there sooner. We’ll agree a convenient date with you when you place your order.

Can I choose a colour?

New containers are available to buy in green RAL 6007 or blue RAL 5010. Although there is no guarantee of colour on used units (unless you are using our repainting service) we can try to let you know the common colours currently available in the depot if this helps you.

Should I place anything underneath my container?

Containers need to be on a flat surface for the doors to close properly. Especially if you intend to place your container on a grassed area it can help to level the container out by using a railway sleeper at each end or concrete blocks on each of the 4 corners. This has the added benefit of keeping your container underside off the moist grassed area which will help your container structure to last longer.

How heavy is a 40ft?

The approximate weight of a standard 40ft is 3,510 kg. Whilst the high cube is approximately 3,690 kg.

What is the difference between a standard 40ft and 40ft high cube?

The height. Standard containers have an approximate external height of 8ft 6 inches. Whilst the high cube is approximately 9ft 6 inches. The HC allows you to increase your storage volume and is sometimes preferred by people converting containers due to the higher ceiling.

Can I see containers in person before purchase?

Yes, we’d be happy to make an appointment for you to view at our UK depots. Our extended watertight warranty though means you can quickly and easily purchase without the trouble of having to make the trip.

Can I hire?

Yes, we have a fleet of containers you can hire. See the hire page for details and to get prices.

Do you convert containers?

Absolutely. Navigate to the container conversion pages or request a quote for more information.

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