Aviation Fuel Tank Container Conversion


Aviation fuel tank container conversion

Aviation fuel tank container conversion, North Africa


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A business needed housing to accommodate a bunded aviation fuel tank and pumping station, for delivery to a remote desert airfield in North Africa.

Introducing the aviation fuel tank container conversion by Adaptainer.

Installation challenges: Cinderella’s shoe and the aviation fuel tank container.

After selecting a 45ft palletwide container as the ideal starting point it was discovered that the tank was longer than the opening left after removal of the entire roof cladding between the intermediate header rails.

The fuel tank supplier therefore decided against any attempt to install the tank into the container as originally planned.

According to an Adaptainer project manager the children’s book about Cinderella and her slipper now sprang to mind.

This unusual source of inspiration in combination with some innovative and skilful use of heavy lift and smaller fork trucks allowed the eight ton load to be eased into the (now angled on plane) opening, without a scratch.

Next the roof was welded back into position (complete with access hatches) and the paintwork was repaired to enable the unit to be shipped to the customer for final fit out with pumping equipment.

This project is one of thousands of container conversions completed by Adaptainer.

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