Freight Containers Felixstowe Port

Even Freight Containers Love to Party – Adaptainer Boxes Attend Opening of New Felixstowe Rail Terminal

Felixstowe port has just celebrated the opening of a brand new state of the art third rail terminal for freight containers. The launch was made amidst a theme celebrating Britain’s Industrial heritage combined with it’s latest up the minute infrastructure that has evolved as a consequence. Adaptainer owned freight containers were invited to the ceremony to support the important […]

Lined shipping / storage container

Shipping Container Condensation – How to Help Protect Yourself

So you’re just about to order a shipping container for storage and you’re wondering if you need to take any added steps to protect your belongings from condensation damage. What causes shipping container condensation? Before we start to consider solutions for shipping container condensation prevention it’s useful to understand what causes condensation in the first […]

shipping container mofication

Modified Shipping Containers: April Round Up

This month we have handpicked 5 popular blog posts for you about modified shipping containers. The list covers recycled shipping containers being converted for a wide range of innovative uses and is almost certain to spark some creative ideas in you. Modified Shipping Containers: Top 10 Videos If you are fairly new to the concept of modified shipping […]

Container Mall Conversion Celebrates First Birthday

This week is the first anniversary of the Re START shopping mall located in Christchurch, New Zealand. The mall which is made from converted shipping containers was created in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the city in February last year and houses an eclectic mix of retail shops and food outlets. Re START was built […]

Se Shipping Container Infographic

Sea Shipping Container Vessels Get Greener

The port of Rotterdam welcomed the newest cargo container vessel built by global shipping giant Evergreen this month. The sea container ship named Ever Lambent is part of the Far East to Europe fleet owned by Evergreen Marine. Ever Lambent is the first in a series of sea shipping container vessels commissioned to be built […]

Creative Words to Inspire Shipping Container Conversion Ideas

Shipping Container Conversion: Top 10 Videos On The Web

Thinking Outside the Shipping Container Box Unusual Shipping Container Conversion From cheaper electronics to exotic foods, shipping containers have allowed us as consumers to have access to goods and products from all over the world at affordable prices. Since standardized shipping containers were first introduced in the 1950’s they have become vital to our economy, […]

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How to Buy a Used Shipping Container: 3 Tips

Anyone who regularly buys used shipping containers will testify to the fact that there are a few pitfalls to look out for so that your container purchase goes smoothly. To get some insight into the best practises of buying a used shipping container I spoke with Adaptainer’s senior container buyer Paul Clark and asked him to share a few […]