How much are shipping containers

The answer to ‘how much are shipping containers’ will depend on a few factors including:

  • Whether you are looking for new or used containers for sale
  • If buying a used container – the condition of the box
  • The container size you need
  • Location you need delivery to
  • Availability of containers in the market at the time of your order
  • Current steel prices
  • Currency exchange rates

So how much is a shipping container?

To give you an idea of price, at the time of writing this (June, 2014) prices start from around £1,100 for the most commonly bought used container and move up depending on the type of box you need.

The cost of shipping containers move up and down frequently so he easiest way to confirm current prices is to request a quote from us online (takes less than 60 seconds to complete the form) or call us at 01473 281818.

Because of the volume of containers we buy and sell (over 50,000 delivered to date) you are always assured of getting a highly competitive price, as well as a quality container.

Get a container price – fast

Many people are surprised at the relatively low cost of these huge steel boxes – especially compared to other alternatives if they plan on using for storage or a conversion project, such as an office for example.

The low price tag is possible partly because the container has been used to transport goods to the UK by shipping lines, so getting them into the country is more economical than it would have been otherwise.

Even though shipping containers represent great value there are still some extra money saving tips that might help you save even more.

4 Money Saving Tips:

1 x 40ft costs less than 2 x 20ft containers

You might expect that a 40ft container would cost double the price of a 20ft container – this is not the case since the price is usually marginally more than a 20ft.

Depending on your site size you may wish to consider buying a 40ft container because you get even more for your money – if you have the room for it.

Save on multiple box re-painting costs

Will you be placing more than 1 container in a row?

If so you could save money by just having the perimeter walls and perhaps roofing painted, rather than the entire container.

This picture shows how one of our customers did this and saved a considerable amount – who would know?

How much are shipping containers

This customer saved money by only having the visible perimeter walls painted.

Maybe hiring a container is a better option for you

Despite the relatively low cost of shipping containers you may feel that it’s outside of your budget for the time being.

No problem, introducing the Adaptainer container hire service.

Because we can offer you both short and long term hire options it means you have total flexibility and your outlay is of course much less.

Buying a container is usually preferable for many people because containers hold their value very well.  So when no longer need your container you could sell back to us because we often buy quality containers, at competitive rates.

Finally: Avoid wasting your money by making sure it’s a good quality container

As we have already learned – used containers hold their value well (if it’s a quality box). Buying a decent container can save you money in the short, medium and long term.

When buying discover as much as you can about the box.

Take care to avoid buying a used container with hidden damage that could reduce it’s lifespan and your ability to get the maximum value back when it’s time for you to re-sell.

So to sum up.

It’s natural to think to yourself where can I get the lowest price for a container, but buying a good quality container at a great price is the ideal outcome.

This means not only have you bought at the right price but your container is actually worth something if you want to re-sell  – or if you decide to keep it, then it will likely last you longer.

To get a definitive answer to your question of ‘how much are shipping containers?‘ Just click the button below to get a quick online quote or call 01473 281818.

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