Felixstowe port has just celebrated the opening of a brand new state of the art third rail terminal for freight containers. The launch was made amidst a theme celebrating Britain’s Industrial heritage combined with it’s latest up the minute infrastructure that has evolved as a consequence.

Adaptainer owned freight containers were invited to the ceremony to support the important occasion which will see millions of tons of cargo moved away from Britain’s congested road system.

The prefix “ARMU” is registered by Adaptainer at BIC (Bureau International des Containers) and applied to their new freight containers ensuring free and uninterrupted worldwide Intermodal transportation. In addition for railage purposes they comply with requirements of uic (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fers) to ensure that the rigorous standards that rail authorities demand to ensure that safety measures are met.

Royalty opens £40M Freight Container Rail Terminal

The Duke of York opened the £40M investment which incorporates more rail tracks than London’s King’s Cross station and could see sixty trains departing daily.

As Felixstowe currently handles around 40 per cent of UK import/export traffic in some 3.5M TEU’s of containers the positive environmental impact is welcomed by all, hence the cause for celebration.

FFreight Containers Felixstowe Port on Train

Adaptainer “ARMU” containers on display at the opening of Felixstowe’s new rail terminal


Freight Container Rail Terminal Event Felixstowe

Felixstowe Port handles approximately 40 per cent of UK import/export traffic

Freight Containers – The Adaptainer Way

On-ground use of freight containers has seen massive growth over the years, one example of this is the self storage market

Adaptainer’s new build ARMU containers incorporate several innovations which make ISO freight containers even more suitable for “on the ground” purposes.

Such features, normally non-standard for the shipping industry include a security lock box to inhibit break in’s through padlock attack, waist high locking gear for ease of opening at ground level (normally door handles are situated lower down for ease of opening when in their normal mode on the top of a container chassis} and super ventilation which helps combat condensation issues.

The benefits of extremely high strength, corrosion resistant steels and paintwork which give durability in harsh environments whilst protecting cargo during handling and movement in land and marine intermodal transportation have nevertheless been retained.

Freight container train Felixstowe Port

Adaptainer’s state of the art new-build freight containers can be seen festooning the railcars.


Ultimately the end result is a module that will grant you perhaps even decades of service and still retain a high residual value in the marketplace thereafter.

Adaptainer new build container features:

  • Security lockbox provides added protection for your property
  • Waist high door locking gear provides convenient storage access compared to lower positioned locking gear normally found on freight containers
  • Super ventilation feature helps combat condensation
  • High strength, corrosion resistant steels and paintwork for added durability

Need advice on your freight container purchase?

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As part of our service we are happy to offer you tips to help maximise the life span of your freight containers. Learn more by contacting us now.


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