Extraordinary shipping container swimming pools.

Shipping container swimming pools

Once a cargo container, now a swimming pool.


Imagine doing laps in your own shipping container swimming pool.

Ok let’s back up for a second, swimming in a used cargo container? That sounds crazy…

As eccentric as it seems, a cargo container pool can actually be a good idea. And you’re almost guaranteed to be the only person who has one in your street, heck your town.

You’d be locally famous as the person with a shipping container pool.

Cutting top off container for swimming pool conversion.

Container is cut and will be enough for housing of 2 pools.


The structure is often more durable than many other above ground pools says Robust Pools, an Australian company who’s building and offering these container pools for sale.

You can buy them in either 6 metre or 12 metre length, so even if you’re a fast swimmer there’s enough room for a proper workout.

The container pool is fully assembled when it’s delivered to you, all you need to do is fill it up with water and have the filter system connected to the mains – pretty easy.

Oh yeah, and about that water filtration system. You can choose between a chlorine, magnesium or salt water pool.

Shipping container swimming pool

Choose between a chlorine, magnesium or salt water filtration system.


That means eco-friendly minded people can enjoy this too, especially since the cargo container is used and upcycled.

So how long do these pools last for?

Well the shipping container itself is made from corten steel, so it’s very durable, plus Robust Pools offer a 25 year guarantee on the fibre glass. Not bad.

Shipping container pool cost

Just fill the pool with water and you’re ready to go.


Think about how much fun having one of these would be.

You could get fit and healthy in your own backyard without ever having to set foot in a gym again.

And then there’s the legendary pool parties you could have, an absolute must with something as cool as a shipping container pool to show off.

shipping container pool

Cool off in a cargo container pool.

What’s the price of the shipping container pool?

The pool costs from 18,500 Australian dollars (about £8,853 or 13,566 USD) for the 6m version and 23,900 Australian dollars (about £11,437 or 17,525 USD) for the 12 metre version.

When you compare that to some regular above grounds pool prices you might even end up saving some money.

Actually, when I think about how much Toronto design company Castor were charging for their shipping container sauna ($41,000 USD) the pool really does seem like a steal.

Of course, if money is no object then what better combination than a shipping container swimming pool AND sauna. They go together like bread and butter, just a bit more expensive.


*Exchange rate used on cost of container pool at time of post was 1 AUD = 0.478321 GBP and 1 AUD = 0.732490 USD.