Shipping container sauna SaunaBox

SaunaBox: The Sauna made using a shipping container. Image courtesy of Castor


Sitting in a small humid space isn’t everyone’s dream – for the health conscious steam lover though a portable shipping container sauna conversion might be absolutely ideal.

Toronto based design company Castor created the Sauna Box in 2005, since then they’ve sold several units to customers who want a sauna with a difference.

Story behind the shipping container sauna

One of the founders of Castor, Brian Richer, dreamed of having a sauna at his holiday retreat but didn’t want to be stuck driving back and forth to build it.

That’s how the idea of a portable shipping container sauna came to light and it didn’t take long until the first one was built.

Convenient and unconventional design

This unusual little thing can be loaded up on a truck, then taken anywhere and is completely self-sufficient.

The Sauna box comes with a shower, traditional wooden stove, western red cedar interior, magnetic truck lights and bronze antlers for decor.

It’s also equipped with a solar powered rooftop which provides electricity for an iPod stereo and an electrical guitar hook-up for entertainment.

  • Take your sauna anywhere with you
  • Self-sufficient – electricity is supplied by solar power from the rooftop
  • It’s musical – iPod stereo and electric guitar hook-up
Shipping container sauna that also allows you play the electric guitar

Electricity is supplied via the Solar powered roof. Image courtesy of Castor


Wood stove inside shipping container sauna

Self sufficient and mobile sauna. Image courtesy of Castor.


The sauna made from shipping containers - SaunaBox

Western red ceder interior. Image courtesy of Castor

So how much does it cost?

The price tag is currently $41,000 and can be purchased through NYC based retailer Matter.  Ok perhaps it isn’t the cheapest sauna you can buy but how can you put a price on this kind of creativity and convenience?

As a Finnish friend of mine said when she heard about the Sauna Box ‘if you love sauna’s who doesn’t want to be able to have one wherever you go?’

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Thank you to Castor for their permission to use these images. Adaptainer had no part in the design or build of this shipping container sauna.