The World’s Only Container With Up to 8x More Condensation
Busting Airflow

Help keep your stored belongings damp and mould free with the world’s most advanced built-in airflow system container


Announcing the launch of the new header vent feature. Get more built-in protection against condensation for your storage. With no added cost!



What Causes Condensation Inside Shipping Containers?

When warm air meets a cold surface, such as the metal walls of a shipping container, water vapour in the air will condense into liquid water.

This can be especially problematic for long-term users of shipping containers for storage. Because it can lead to damp and mould damage to the contents being stored inside.

So how do you help prevent this from occurring?

Vitally, you should ensure your container is well ventilated. This will assist in removing excess moisture from the air and will help to keep the contents inside dry and safe.

Adaptainer’s XL Vent container makes this easy for you.

shipping container condensation

Better Ventilation Helps Take Your Condensation Risk Worries Away

Discover how the XL Vent Container delivers up to 8x more airflow


XL Vent Container Is Your Secret Weapon to Help Combat Storage Condensation Damp

XL Vent by Adaptainer

Unmatched built-in features to help deliver more condensation fighting ventilation than any other shipping container

With up to 8x more airflow provided by the XL Vent container you can stop worrying about whether your container has enough ventilation to help protect stored contents from condensation dampness.

Designed to provide airflow from all four aspects of your container, including the doors, front wall and both sides of the unit.

The difference is, you get up to 8x more airflow with an XL Vent container compared to other containers.

Boosted omnidirectional airflow from both container sides and both ends is delivered in three powerful ways:



XL Vents

Supersized door vents provide up to 8x more airflow than other containers to help reduce condensation risk.

XL Vent containers are famous for these vents and they work together with our other ventilation features in a system to help keep your storage dry and safe.

Exclusive to the XL Vent container




Header Vents

This is a unique multi-vent header panel. Located on the front wall (sometimes thought of as the rear of the container) it provides unrivalled additional end-to-end ventilation for your container.

Works even when side and front wall vents are blocked off by the container being positioned against other shipping containers or building wall.

Exclusive to the XL Vent container



Multi Side Vents

A generous series of standard shipping container air vents are also positioned along both sides of the container.

Think of these vents as simply supplementary airflow for the already powerful XL Vent system.




Damp Defence Floor

This shipping container is built with a special PU coating applied to the 28mm thick wood floor. The easy wipe floor coating helps prevent the wood from becoming a potential source for condensation moisture like it can be for other containers.

XL Vent container is the world’s most advanced non-mechanical airflow system container. It goes further to help safeguard your belongings from damp and mould

These enhanced airflow features are available on purchases of both new standard DV and high cube 20ft and 40ft containers. Subject to availability.

Find Out How It Works


Added Condensation Protection On Autopilot

Find Out How The XL Vent Container System Works In Four Ways to Help Protect Your Storage From Damp

XL Vents


Each XL Vent has ​a whopping 516 perforation air holes. Which easily surpasses any standard 68 hole vent


Compared side-by-side to the humble standard container vent you can see XL Vent lives up to its name.

Dwarfing standard shipping container vents in both size and airflow power. These monster sized door vents will be responsible for giving your container up to 8x more ventilation.

The patented design, which is exclusive to Adaptainer built containers, features a ‘labyrinth system’ ensuring zero rain water ingress risk. 

The strategic door positioning of the XL Vents means you always get a powerful source of airflow. Even if your container is positioned against another container or building wall.

Despite the power of XL Vents you’ll discover they are just the beginning of the unique anti-condensation features this  container holds for you.

Our new patented Header Vent feature works in-sync with XL Vents to give you even more storage protection


The New Header Vents Feature Takes The XL Vent Container from Great. To Incredible.


Header Vents


Introducing a groundbreaking end-to-end ventilation solution. Put simply, say goodbye to blocked airflow risk!

Other shipping containers may have extra vents on the front wall (often thought of as the container rear.) The problem with this is that these vents, as well as side vents, can get blocked when the container is positioned against other containers, or a building wall.

This blocked airflow can result in increased condensation risk for your storage contents.

Not with the XL Vent container though!

The patented construction design of the XL Vent container removes the potential for this airflow blockage problem for self-store users.

In fact, XL Vent container is the only manufactured container in the world which can still provide condensation fighting airflow from both ends of the container when front wall ventilation is blocked.

That’s in addition to side ventilation features also built into this container, which if also blocked, will mean the header vents can come to the rescue with vital airflow.


Did you know?

XL Vent container is the new container of choice for the UK’s biggest self-storage businesses. It helps maximise site space without compromising airflow protection for the contents stored inside.


Now you’ve got mother nature’s airflow remedy helping protect your possessions from damp. No matter what’s against your container

How the header vents work:

In more technical terms. The design of an XL Vent container means the front wall header rail uniquely features a Z section profile as well as asymmetrical positioning of the vents.

What does this mean in simple terms?

Think of it as special space for vents along the top of the container. This small space is engineered to be slightly set back from the container wall. Inside the space is where the vents are perfectly positioned to pass air through unhindered.

This means you get extra protection against condensation. That’s regardless of whether you have your container positioned against another container, or building wall.

XL Vents and Header Vents combined helps give you super powers against condensation

That’s not all. The XL Vent container has 2 more built-in condensation defences…


Multiple Side Vents Extend Airflow Even Further

The already superior airflow provided by the XL Vent container is further complimented by a series of side vents positioned on both sides of the container.

Other shipping containers may have side vents. Not an impressive feature alone. But these side vents combined with the XL Vent container’s mighty end-to-end ventilation system make this container unparalleled in its ability to deliver up to 8x more airflow.



A Container Floor With Hidden Condensation Fighting Powers? We Took Care of This For You Too…

When water gets on the floor of a shipping container, for example by driving rain, or droplets from shoes or other clothing, it typically soaks into the wood. The problem with this is that this then becomes a condensation hazard.

XL Vent container helps solve this problem thanks to a PU coated floor.

The polyurethane coating acts as a sealant which prevents water soaking into the ply hardwood or bamboo floor. 

Just wipe away any water on the surface of the floor and you’re done!

Plus, it’s easy to clean so your container floor is more resistant to stains and stays looking its best.


How Does XL Vent Container Compare to Other Shipping Containers? We Let Our Customers Do The Talking…

Lynn Carr manages a UK self-storage business

“I recently had to move a customer from a container purchased from another supplier as he was suffering with condensation issues.

The XL Vent containers are far superior and eradicate any issues with condensation. I wish I could change all of the containers I previously ordered to Adaptainer containers.”

Lynn Carr. Director, Balby Self Storage

The best shipping container in the world? You be the judge

See the full bumper list of benefits XL Vent container will give you. Yes, there’s more…



XL Vents

These exclusive and patented supersized vents help deliver up to 8x more condensation busting airflow.

XL Vents work in sync with our specially designed header vents as well as side vents. Together, you get more condensation repelling airflow than any other manufactured container in the world.



Header Vents

The unique positioning of these header vents allows you to get airflow into your container even in scenarios where other shipping containers would fail. If your container is positioned against another container, or building wall you can rely on XL Vent container to help protect your storage from damp and mildew. Another feature exclusive to the XL Vent container.


Side Vents

Multiple side vents are installed along each side of the container. These vents are in addition to the powerful XL Vents and header vents. 


Damp Defence Floor

Other shipping container floors allow water from driving rain or wet shoes for example to soak into the wood. This can lead to condensation damp and mildew inside your container. Our specially PU coated floor repels water so it can be easily wiped up, helping keep your container condensation free.


Security Lock Box

You can rest assured knowing this padlock shield lock box helps keep your storage contents safe and secure.

Made from toughened steel.



110 Micron Paint

The tough wearing 110 micron paint coating applied to your container helps protect it from corrosion damage over time, as well as help keep it looking better for longer. 


Thicker Corten Steel Construction

XL Vent container is built with thicker corten steel which helps it resist corrosion damage and last longer. No corners are cut when building the heavy-duty XL Vent container.


Easy Open Handle

This easy open handle solves the problem of hard to open and close shipping container doors. No more struggling. Positioned at waist height too, it couldn’t be easier.

Who Is XL Vent Container
Ideal For?

Storage Users

Just load up your container and let our increased airflow help protect your belongings from condensation damp.

The steel lockbox will provide an extra layer of security to help keep your things safe too.

And when you need to access your container the easy open handle makes opening and closing the doors almost effortless compared to other containers.

Accept nothing less than the XL Vent container when it comes to container storage.

Self-Storage Business Owners

The patented XL Vent container gives self-storage business owners the unique opportunity to maximise site space without compromising on airflow protection for customer stored contents.

Even when you position XL Vent containers side-by-side and end-to-end against other containers you will retain the significantly boosted condensation fighting airflow.

This is an unequaled container storage solution which your customers will instantly see value in and help you stand out from the competition.

And our best container price guarantee means you can start enjoying these benefits without any extra cost!

Global Shippers

The world’s largest shipping lines use XL Vent container to ship cargo.

This shipping container is built to ISO standards but with added features to help keep your cargo dry and safe.

With no minimum order size you can purchase as many or few containers as needed for your next shipment.



Best Container Price Guarantee. There’s Nothing Extra to Pay for The XL Vent Container Features!

Get a premium built container for less than the price of any other basic new shipping container sold elsewhere

Have Questions? Here’s Some Quick Answers:

Do other container vendors who claim to have multiple strategically placed vents located all around the container provide as many condensation fighting benefits as the XL Vent container?

No. The XL Vent container is superior because not only does it provide up to 8x more airflow, it also has the ability to deliver airflow in circumstances where other shipping container vents may be blocked when the container is positioned against other containers, or a building wall. Click here to see customer feedback which compares XL Vent containers to other shipping containers.

Do I have to pay more for the XL Vent container features?

No. We offer a best container price guarantee.

Are there other steps I can take to help prevent condensation?

Yes. There are alternative and additional layers of protection you can add. For example Grafotherm coating or insulation. These options require additional cost which ranges from several hundred pounds per container to several thousand. Maximum airflow is the easiest, most popular and most cost effective method for reducing condensation risk. With an XL vent container you get up to 8x more airflow and there’s no additional cost for you thanks to our best container price guarantee.

I'm not worried if condensation damp or mould gets inside my container, so what's the advantage for me?

In the unlikely event you are not worried about condensation, remember the XL Vent container is sold with best container price guarantee.

Also. XL Vent container is built with many other features such as thicker corten steel to help it last longer and an easy open handle. 

A shipping container with all the advantages provided by the XL Vent container will help make it easier for you to sell and get a higher resale price when you no longer require the unit too.

Will I still have airflow even if my container is positioned against other shipping containers, or a building?

Yes. The unique XL Vent container features ensure substantial airflow can pass through your container even when side vents or traditional front wall vents are blocked.

Can't I just open the doors every now and then to get air going inside the container to fight condensation?

No. When you open the doors of a shipping container you allow air moisture to enter which if trapped after you close the doors can result in condensation and subsequent damp damage to your storage contents. That’s why it’s vital to have maximum airflow so this moisture in the air can leave the container after you have closed the container doors. XL Vent container not only introduces more air into your container but it also helps to keep the air moving, which is key to helping reducing condensation risk.

Is the XL Vent system available on all container types?

XL Vent Vents and Header Vents are included on both new standard and high cube 20ft and 40ft containers. Subject to availability.

Now You Can Stop Worrying Whether Your Container
Has Enough Airflow

XL Vent Container Helps Keep Your Storage Safe and Dry. Year After Year

This is a shipping container like no other. We have the patents to prove it

Now you can stop being concerned about whether your container has enough airflow to help protect your stored contents from condensation dampness. Adaptainer’s XL Vent container gives you up to 8x more ventilation.

No more lack of airflow causing damp mold and mildew damage to your precious belongings. Instead, just load up your container, close the doors and the increased airflow will help keep your storage dry and safe year after year.

“Really happy with the containers and the XL Vents make a noticeable difference”

Pinchbeck Self Storage

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