Lack of space in Ebola medical treatment centres is a huge problem that needs a solution

It’s utterly harrowing to watch the latest TV reports of people infected with Ebola in Africa being turned away from medical treatment centres, because there isn’t enough space.

It wasn’t that long ago that government and aid workers in countries worst hit by the virus were campaigning locally to encourage people to get to treatment centres as soon as possible, rather than be afraid of the stigma that can be placed on sufferers.

Undoubtedly the stigma remains, but for those who seek help it’s a devastating blow to be turned away from the clinics they seek help from.

In this worst ever recorded Ebola epidemic the World Health Organisation has reported 8,033 cases of Ebola and 3,879 deaths so far. By the time you read this post that number will have risen, something more has to be done – fast.

Company converts 2 x shipping containers into Ebola isolation clinics in Liberia

Liberia is one of the hardest hit counties so far by the Ebola virus.

Earlier this year the American tyre and rubber company Firestone launched a pro-active initiative against the spread of Ebola where their plant is based in the West African state.

The campaign included converting 2 x shipping containers into isolation clinics with plastic wrap.

Used containers are widely available - could they help in the fight against Ebola?

Used containers are widely available – could they help in the fight against Ebola?


In a continent where used shipping containers are readily available could this be a fast way to create much needed clinic space?

The fact that countries worst affected by the virus’ outbreak have shipping ports mean that if containers could become an asset in the fight against Ebola they would be in ready supply.

For some time shipping containers have been used as portable medical clinics around the world – if there was ever a time to scale their use it might be now.