Shipping container home tour

Can comfortable, upscale living and old shipping containers really go together?

One Kansas woman’s container home creation is turning heads.

By day Debbie Glassberg designs children’s toys, but recently she took on the extra challenge of converting 5 shipping containers into a 2,000+ sq ft. dream house.

The home features:

  • Spacious downstairs living area
  • Galley kitchen with energy efficient appliances and serving hatch window
  • Master bedroom complete with walk in wardrobes
  • Bathroom featuring double sink, shower and bathtub

What’s even more unique about this house is that it has a beautiful rooftop garden.

Rooftop gardens can benefit you and your home in a few ways.

Aside from having fresh home grown produce readily available to eat (sounds nice huh?) the garden helps to insulate the container.

But there’s more. Think about when it rains, the garden is also softening the sound of rain drops hitting the steel roof.

That’s a triple win for the rooftop garden.

Watch the video to learn more about this shipping container home in Kansas:

Think this is something you can do?

Building a container home for the first time might seem intimidating but as you saw in the film this was Debbie’s first attempt, and she passed with flying colours.

So could you build your own container home? With careful planning it would certainly seem so.

Here are a few starter questions and ideas to think about:

  • Is planning permission required?
  • What’s your budget and is that amount realistic?
  • Although container home plans can be bought online hiring an architect would help things along. Are there any architects in your area with experience of modular buildings?
  • Can you find a mentor online who has built a container home to help you along the way?
  • How will you insulate your container?
  • Consider staying in a shipping container hotel for a few days. Doing this would give you some experience of living in a container without the commitment of building it yourself.

Container homes can be as simple or sophisticated as you and your budget allow them to be.

When you look at the home build in Kansas with walk in wardrobes and luxurious bathroom it’s easy to forget that you’re inside a bunch of shipping containers.

The story of Debbie Glassberg shows that shipping container homes needn’t mean that you lose the comforts of a traditional house, you might even stand to gain some.