Getting a cheap shipping container needn’t mean compromising on quality

Cheap shipping containers at auction

Buying a used shipping container is all about getting the cheapest price possible, right?

It really depends on what you want for your money, if peace of mind is important to you I would argue that price and quality of container are both very important factors.

But it’s just a steel shipping container I hear you say – what could go wrong?

As durable as shipping containers are, steel rusts. This means some used containers are in better condition than others.

Ok so here comes the full disclosure.

I work for a shipping container trader so my views are of course in favour of buying a shipping container from a company like ours, but let me tell you why and you can make up your own mind.

If your used container purchase goes wrong, how bad can it be?

We’ve all bought something in our lives that didn’t turn out to be as good as we expected, sometimes it’s just an item of clothing that didn’t look as great at home as it did in the shop – but other times it can be a more substantial purchase such as a second hand car that had serious mechanical problems just a few months after buying it.

Depending on what you bought and who you bought it from it might have been easy for you to return the item (think Marks and Spencer) but other times it’s just not that simple and you’re ‘left holding the baby’.

Last month I spoke with someone who bought a second hand container at auction and he initially felt safe making the purchase because of the auction’s 14 day return policy.

It went wrong though.

When the box arrived he discovered there were a number of defects with the container doors and roof.

Although he was able to return the container as promised he learned that he would be responsible for the cost of returning it – and it wasn’t just a case of popping into the local post office, this was a 2,000 kg shipping container!

It cost him £280.00 and more trouble than he’d anticipated.

How could buying a second hand container from Adaptainer have prevented the problem?

cheap shipping containers for sale

New and used containers at an Adaptainer depot are quality checked.


This is where you are likely thinking oh no, here comes the sales pitch!

I admit it’s hard to not put my sales hat on, but I think you’ll agree that there’s sound logic behind what I’m about to tell you.

You see, before a container leaves our depot it has been quality checked. This means that a trained container engineer has inspected your box to make sure that it’s 100% wind and watertight and in sound structural condition with working doors.

Plus, on delivery in the unlikely event that there’s a fault we have the infrastructure in place to send an engineer to your site to remedy or replace.

Does it mean that you pay more for this premium service than if you bought a used container at auction? Probably not.

Why take the risk when you can buy at a low price and get quality too?

Because Adaptainer trade used containers in large volume these economies of scale mean you can get a quality container at a great price.

I love auctions, they are great fun – especially when you pick up a bargain. But why take the risk when you can buy a container from a reputable dealer for probably the same money (or less) with all the trimmings.

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