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inside a shipping container home

Are shipping container homes in the UK viable?

Student shares his UK container home dissertation research with Adaptainer. House prices are rising and becoming unaffordable to many in the UK – so could a shipping container home be a cheaper alternative? Owen Connolly, a student from the University of Westminster explored this and many other interesting questions in a dissertation.   After Owen contacted Adaptainer […]

GRP - FRP shipping containers

Rare images of old GRP / FRP shipping containers.

These GRP / FRP container images will take you back in time.   If you’re a container history buff you might remember GRP / FRP containers from long ago. In case you’re wondering what an earth I’m talking about, here’s a quick intro to these old used shipping containers. In the early days of containerisation many […]

Buy a new shipping container UK

Don’t buy a new shipping container until you’ve read this.

Could you spot the difference between 2 almost identical looking containers? (And why it matters).   So you want to buy a new shipping container at the lowest price possible. But did you know that some shipping containers are built to a lower specification than others? Learn why a lower specification new container might not be worth what you […]